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Project Description
A simple .NET API for creating ePub documents. Only requires basic XHTML 1.1 knowledge and C#/.NET skills--no knowledge of the internals of ePub are required.

Sample Usage:
Book book = new Book();
//You can also use the factory, FileItem.Create(FileItemType.XHTML).
//For images, you must use the factory, FileItem.Create(FileItemType.JPEG), etc
Chapter chapter1 = new Chapter()
    Title = "Chapter 1!",

    //You are responsible for setting chapter numbers appropriately, starting with 1.
    Number = 1,

    //Be sure your Content is XHTML 1.1 compliant!
    Content = @"<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8""?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"" """">
<html><head><title>Chapter 1</title></head>
<body><h1>Episode 1</h1><h2>The Phantom Menace</h2>
<p>Well look here, it's content in an epub!</p></body></html>"

//Book.FileItems holds all of the files in the package: chapters, images, CSS, etc. 
//They all inherit from the abstract type FileItem and so it's easily extensible. 

//Repeat as necessary for each chapter
//And then save to a file.
//EPubLib will create a table of contents with an entry for each chapter,
//and then package/zip everything into the proper format. 

Currently, the project has no binary releases. Please visit the Source Code page and choose "Download."

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